"The Whatevski sound ... a glorious mix of Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, Psychedelic, & Garage."

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#DIP022 - Released 2/3/2012   /  13 Tracks  /  320kbps MP3s

The Pinstripes


Cincinnati ska and reggae stalwarts are back with "I" with 13 tracks of their patented reggae ribaldry, plus some exclusive Pinstripes wallpapers.
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Play "Might Be Her Fool"
from the album
Track Name Play
1) Might Be Her Fool
2) Alright Baby
3) Dollar (In Our Pocket)
4) Dollar Don?t Come
5) Mother
6) One Drop
7) Money
8) The 1070 to 1963
9) I'll Be Waiting
10) The Wokkabout
11) Do What You Want
12) Give Some Love
13) Water
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Album Notes

There's a revolution in the air, and it's about to take music by storm. 13 big tracks from The Queen City. Juncta Juvant!

The band says it best: "This record I represents a paradigm shift for us as a musical collective, as a band. An album that has been in production since 2009, we truly believe that you are holding a comprehensive representation of ourselves, one that shows who we are, gives nods to who we have been, and hints at who we hope to be."

Recording Details

Chris Grannen / Bass, Stick Bass
Matt Kursmark / Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Leonardo Murcia / Trombone, Vocals
Benjamin Pitz / Trumpet, Vocals
Mike Sarason / Lead Vocals, Tenor Saxophone, Organ, Piano, Flute, Percussion
Casey Weissbuch / Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Anthony Abbinanti / Organ, Percussion, Clavinet, Melodica, Baritone Saxophone
Diedrich Jones / Vocals on "Dollar Don't Come" and "Money"

All songs recorded Summer 2010 at Dirty North Studios in Chicago, IL.

Anthony Abbinanti

Anthony Abbinanti & The Pinstripes

Chris Grannen

Dave Davis of the All Night Party

(c) The Pinstripes 2012


Jen Mussari / jenmussari.com

Matt Kursmark / mattkursmark.com

About The Pinstripes

Meet The Pinstripes... Again! There's a revolution in the air, and it's about to take music by storm. Or there's music in the air, and it's about to storm the revolution. Either way, Cincinnati's Pinstripes are papering worldwide telephone poles and bulletin boards with the Kingston newspapers and Tuff Gong press releases of yesterday while pumping out the bold new sound of today with a rocksteady ear toward next month. The Cincinnati septet's third full length album, I, is all that and perhaps just slightly or maybe a whole lot more.

For the past eight years, the Queen City crusaders have honed their skills in front of audiences whose nodding heads, shuffling feet, and pumping fists have proven the Pinstripes' ability to fill a dance floor and keep it crowded all night long. And the front row of any Pinstripes show is lined with guys who can't believe their ears and girls who can't believe their eyes...there's something for everyone when these guys take the stage.

The Pinstripes are no slouches in the studio department either, and I is jam-packed with the band's patented reggae ribaldry, ska shenanigans, dub deviltry and soul slamdunkery. I kicks off with "Might Be Her Fool," the perfect introduction to The Pinstripes' brand of new rage reggaeism; multiple threat Mike Sarason delivers the double-O-Soul-meets-rastaman-calibration vocal goods (stand back when he picks up the sax, he might just blow you away) and guitarist Matt Kursmark takes it to the next level, providing six string wickedness and big beard maintenence that somehow manages to be intense and laid back, sinewy and sharp, jagged and smooth, all at the same time. Then there's the double-jointed rhythm section of bassist Chris Grannen and drummer Casey Weissbuch, who provide the push me/pull you dancehall/rocksteady vibration that is the rollicking foundation for the Pinstripes' funhouse, the slippery tracks for their crazy train, the Bunsen burner for their ready-to-blow-up-the-lab formula. And let's not forget the horniest horns this side of Kingston's club district; trombonist Leonardo Murcia and trumpeter Ben Pitz wail with Stax soul and Tuff Gong roll with the stratosphere as their goal.

I only gets better as the tracks pile up; the shot sheriff investigation of "Dollar," the steady rocking vibrancy of "Mother," the deep dub space probe of "One Drop," and longtime live staple "Alright Baby," the Trenchtown soul of "I'll Be Waiting," the James Brown beach party dance lesson of "The Wokkabout" and the gospel reggae prayer rug magnficence of "Do What You Want." And there's plenty more where those came from, but you should be listening instead of reading at this point. The Pinstripes might not be giving off greenhouse gases, but they're certainly hot enough to raise the planet's temperature a few degrees. Of course, they're also cool enough to stop a retreating glacier in its tracks, so maybe it's just a great balance in the final analysis. Throw in ear-perfect production by The Drastics' Anthony Abbinanti and a fierce loyalty that would put most Rotary Clubs to shame and you have a hall of fame classic album that could occupy a marble pedestal of this or any generation. Hyperbole? You bet. Unwarranted? Shut your piehole, unbeliever! The Pinstripes are back seat passion and front seat driving skills with Peter Tosh, Lee Perry, and Sharon Jones blaring from the sound system and a fire in the ashtray. At the end of the day, The Pinstripes can safely say they have their I on you.

-- Brian Baker
CityBeat Magazine



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