"The Whatevski sound ... a glorious mix of Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, Psychedelic, & Garage."

Malandro 95

#DIP024 - Released 10/12/2012   /  6 Tracks  /  320kbps MP3s

Malandro 95

Malandro 95

East Coast. All-Star. Instrumental. Reggae. Jorge. Jay. Vic. Rich. Jack. Recorded at Ticklah's place. Holy shit. This is a good record.

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Malandro 95
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1) Pa Pa Pa
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3) What Goes On
4) Sapo Strut
5) High School
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Album Notes

The seeds of Malandro Nine Five were planted on a European tour in an absurdly cramped van shared by Agent Jay's Slackers and my own former band, The Pietasters. It is a safe assumption that two musicians with mutual admiration will eventually discuss a possible 'side project'. The majority of these endeavors will never make it past the conversational stage. Luckily, Malandro Nine Five came to fruition.

Our mission was simple: Instrumental reggae with the guitars upfront. A bit of Upsetters meets The Ventures while keeping our other influences conspicuously worn on our sleeves.

I recorded home demos of the songs that appear on this album and sent them to Jay. Subsequently, he got a killing band together and lined up the studio. We completed the tracking in a single weekend and Jay mixed the tunes.
Citizens, behold Malandro Nine Five!

The Tunes:
Originally written in a Brazilian baiao rhythm by Oscar Aleman, an Argentine compatriot. Aleman is the musician whose abilities, above all others, I would love to have. If there were any justice in the world; Aleman would be a household name. Regrettably, he is one of those esoteric characters that seem only to be known by guitarists. His music is worth everyone's consideration.

My attempt at writing a reggae tune in the style of New Orleans funk, specifically The Meters and Eddie Bo. Giant props go out to Richard T. for his Zigaboo-Hoursemouth hybrid drum style.

I may be in the minority, but, I have always enjoyed the Velvet Underground's third, calmer, John Cale-free, self-titled album over their louder work. We took this in a psychedelic-raga-reggae direction while attempting to keep the spirit of the original. Agent Jay did a masterful mix on this one with some hard panning.

A swampy conversation between five musicians built around a chicken-pickin' guitar riff. Jack's piano completely makes this track.

A touch of Detroit meets Kingston. High School originally appeared on the MC5's sophomore album produced by John Landau. On this arrangement, I perform a simultaneous impression of two of my favorite guitar styles; the rocksteady steel drum emulation of Lynn Taitt, and the country twang of James Burton. This also features Jay soloing in a Chuck Berry, Roddy Radiation fashion. Meanwhile, Vic is on the combo organ sounding to me like the cheerleading squad.

My band, The Landladies, could never get this riddim quite right. Malandro Nine Five worked it out in approximately ten seconds. As for my solo, I had two influences: any Freddie King and the first two Pappo's Blues albums.

-Jorge Alberto Pezzimenti

Recording Details


Jorge Pezzimenti - lead guitar, percussion, music direction
'Agent Jay' Nugent - rhythm guitar, percussion
Victor Ruggiero - bass, organ
Jack Wright - piano
Rich Terrana - drums

Recorded by Victor Axelrod February 26th, 2012 at Don't Trip Studio - Brooklyn
Overdubbed and mixed by Agent Jay at Crazy Baldhead Studio - Brooklyn

Writing Credits:

Pa Pa Pa-Oscar Aleman

High School-MC5

What goes on-Lou Reed

Everything else - Jorge Pezzimenti

About Malandro 95

The seeds of Malandro Nine Five were planted on a European tour in an absurdly cramped van shared by Agent Jay's Slackers and my own former band, The Pietasters.


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