"The Whatevski sound ... a glorious mix of Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, Psychedelic, & Garage."


#DIP031 - Released 5/1/2014   /  11 Tracks  /  320kbps MP3s

The Brooklyn Attractors


The Brooklyn Attractors have hit and they are here to stay.

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Track Name Play
1) Jamaica Bay
2) Sonia
3) Good and Evil
4) Alchemy
5) Entropy
6) Port Royal
7) Povo
8) Chatty
9) Gowanamera
10) Thankful
11) For Cedric
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Album Notes

CD Track order:

1. Jamaica Bay

2. Good and Evil

3. Alchemy

4. Entropy

5. Povo

6. Thankful

7. Port Royal

8. Chatty

9. Gowanamera

10. Sonia

11. For Cedric

Recording Details


Eddie Ocampo - drum set on all tracks / percussion on Sonia and For Cedric
Dan Jeselsohn - bass on all tracks / percussion on For Cedric

Justin Rothberg - guitar on all tracks

Buford O?sullivan - trombone on all tracks except Good and Evil, Alchemy and Entropy

Rich Graiko - trumpet on all tracks / percussion on Alchemy, Entropy, Thankful, Chatty / melodica on Thankful / piano on Entropy

Anant Pradhan - saxophone on all tracks except Thankful

Luke Penella - saxophone on Good and Evil and Thankful / flute on Alchemy, Povo and Gowanamera

Larry McDonald - percussion on all tracks

Gideon Blumenthal - farfisa on Jamaica Bay, Entropy, Thankful, Port Royal, Chatty / piano on Alchemy and Gowanamera

Scott Flynn - trombone on Good and Evil, Alchemy and Entropy

Jack Wright - organ on Good and Evil / piano on Jamaica Bay

David Hillyard - baritone sax on Alchemy / soprano sax on Thankful

Kevin Batchelor - trumpet on Port Royal

Raynier Jacildo - piano on Povo and Chatty / organ on Povo

King Django - organ on Sonia / percussion on For Cedric

Produced by Rich Graiko

Original music written by Rich Graiko

Arrangements initially by Rich Graiko and improved upon by the involved musicians

*special thanks to Anant Pradhan for his help on Jamaica Bay

Recorded at Spacedog/stage 25, New York, NY

Engineered and mixed by Rich Graiko

Additional engineers: Dan Jeselsohn and Josh Hahn

Artwork and design: Tom Booth

Photos: Michelle Ska

Thanks to Kevin Batchelor, Dave Hillyard, King Django, the Two Boots Brooklyn crew, Dave Dixon, Port Royal, Brother Tim Dawson, the Skatalites, Ken Stewart, Dave Barry, brother Joe Williams, Will Moreno, Reggae in the Slope, Generoso Fierro, Vanessa Gallagher, Brooklyn Bowl, Westbound Train, The Void Union, Q, A, and J, the Slackers, Thousands of One, Lifted Crew, the Drastics, the Rocksteady 7, Zake, Nan, Matt Ellard, Buck, Sean Nolan, Kev, Eddie Linehan, Mitch, Ingrid Jensen, NYSJ, Ethan Stone, Melanie Penella, Stoor, Sofs, Laurie Frink, Holly Nations, 100DBs, Brett Tubin, Uzimon, T, Jeff Becker, Ira Heaps, Andy Bassford, Brother James Fisher, Eastern Standard Time, Jeff Weissman, Chuck Wren, Leila, Phil Cooper, Victor Axlerod.
There are always some crucially contributing people who we forget to thank and subsequently feel stupid for overlooking; sincere apologies and extra special thanks to whoever you end up being.

*Special thanks to Gideon Blumenthal for giving Spacedog a good home at Stage 25, and for providing an environment for this music to flourish; and to Noah Scanlan for helping to conceptualize and subsequently launch the project into existence.

Also special thanks to Xavi Graiko for already being the inspiration of a lifetime, Sara Becker for being a rock solid and completely dedicated mother and wife, Stacy Graiko for being the most inspiring and supportive sister in the universe, and to Mary and Rick Graiko for being the amazing and supportive parents that they are.
This record is dedicated to the loving memory of Isabel Bielaska, and Laurie Frink, as well as all of our families; past, present and future.

About The Brooklyn Attractors

Everbody know! The Brooklyn Attractors are here!


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